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Building Confidence and Assertiveness

Defining Confidence and Assertiveness
Confidence and assertiveness are intrinsic to one another. Confidence is the feeling of positive regard and belief in oneself, as well as in one’s own abilities. It plays a significant role in the ability to meet or exceed potential. Feelings of confidence inspire our choices that will shape our future, and helps to provides stability when challenging situations arise. Self-beliefs will make a difference in whether a situation is successful or not. A self-confident individual is able to control their own thoughts and emotions, while influencing those around them. Ultimately, optimism and greater life satisfaction is achieved.
Assertiveness is the ability to communicate the confidence that is built. Being assertive is not about dominance, but rather expressing opinions in a positive, respectful, and confident manner. It involves knowing what we want, as well as what boundaries need to be set. Assertive individuals are clear and direct, without being aggressive. This key skill will help to better manage difficult situations, people, and oneself. By building assertiveness, we are building our voice to be heard.

Getting Started

Strengthening our self-confidence is a powerful step in shaping our lives and creating future success. The ability to be confident and assertive are crucial skills for personal development, displaying authority in business, and promoting equality throughout interactions. Essentially, these skills have a significant influence on building a happy life. Through effective communication, visualization, and resiliency, we can learn to be confident and project an image of confidence to others. When stressful or difficult situations arise, we have the ability to control our own responses and how we choose to move forward.

Confidence and assertiveness are skills that can be developed and beneficial to everyone, no matter their career or job position. The Building Confidence and Assertiveness course will provide participants with the tools to overcome fear, gain personal empowerment, and inspire confidence in others. By believing in our potential and the positive changes that we can make, we are able to grow personally and professionally.

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Building Confidence and Assertiveness
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